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Hello and thanks for visiting. I am an Award Winning filmmaker… a writer, director, actor, and producer of both film and stage. My strength lies in storytelling through realistic and compelling dialogue. My background in acting plays a key role in why my characters are so well developed... if I wouldn't want to play these characters, why would anyone else want to?

Domenic Silipo is a graduate of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts (NYC). He has appeared in numerous stage productions; coached and directed actors, professional and aspiring, for both stage and screen; and has written, directed, and produced theatrical productions in NYC. He was a staff writer for Screenwriter Magazine and freelance writer for various NYC publications. He wrote, directed, and produced two short films, with his second film, “Mimmo & Paulie”, garnering many festival awards and industry accolades, including television offers from both The Sundance Channel and The Independent Film Channel. 
Having stepped away from the ‘biz’ to raise a family, Domenic recently returned to the stage with his one man play, “Miles From Somewhere”, which he will soon be presenting in Toronto and NY. He also recently ran his own performance and workshop space in NY, The SebSi Studio, where he presented local theatre, music, and stand-up comedy, as well as conducting acting workshops for kids and youth.

Domenic Silipo


CineMod Productions is committed to creating stories which inspire, provoke thought, and encourage introspection, with the goal of raising and embracing spiritual awareness.

Response to the short film Mimmo and Paulie

Jimmy Smits, NYPD Blue, In The Heights

"A compelling New York slice of-life..."

Jason Guerrasio,

"Thought provoking..."

Anne Nelson, Screenwriter, Playwright:

The Guys

"An unflinching journey to the limits of tolerance and friendship. Tautly written and directed..."

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