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Film and Theatre Workshops for Kids and Teens

I love to write for specific actors, implementing their strengths and unique qualities.

My directing process guides and challenges actors to confidently express their potential.

Both are influenced by my experience and formal training as an actor.

As a result, I have developed and conducted a unique theatre workshop experience,

and am now expanding this process into film.

Drama Students
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The Short Film Project

Be a Co-Star in an original film. Don’t just ‘be cast’, create WHO you are cast as.

Participants will be coached through various acting exercises with the goal of creating characters of their choosing. These characters will be fully explored through unique improvisational and writing exercises, and co-featured in an original short screenplay (30 min) that I will write. After a rehearsal period, the screenplay will be shot in a professional setting and process.

This unique Project gives young actors a very empowering and artistic experience… co-staring in a film as a character of their own creation. Furthermore, it encourages an entrepreneurial mindset, allowing young artists the experience of co-creating original content and taking a proactive approach to their careers.

* All Actors will be equitably showcased in terms of screentime.

* All Actors will have featured moments for use in a promo reel.

* The film will be submitted to appropriate Film Festivals, nationally and internationally.

* The film and all Actors will be professionally credited on IMDB (as soon as the workshop process begins).

* Actors or Parent/Guardian will also be credited on the film and on IMDB as Executive Producers

* Any revenue generated from the film (sales, streaming rights) will be shared with Actors/Executive Producers.

Improv Group

Express YouthSelf!

Express YouthSelf is a workshop designed for teenagers as a form of self-expression through theatre and character development. Students will engage in acting exercises with a focus on creating characters of their choosing based on personal passions or issues of concern. We will then engage in role-playing and improvisational work allowing participants to become more grounded in the development of their characters.


I will then write an original short play or scenes for them which will be performed and open to family, friends, and the public, giving participants a personal and unique stage experience.


Students will receive a small payment for their performance from ticket sales.

The workshop will consist of 10 sessions (90min) over a 10 week period, with the final session being the live performance.

No experience necessary as long as there is a strong willingness to express through theatre and a commitment to attending all sessions, some solo exercises and learning lines in between sessions.

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