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Upcoming Staged Reading

 of Paulie At Odds


WHEN- Fri Jan 19, 2024

Looking for ‘Italian types’

males 30’s – 40’s;

females late 20’s –30’s


Feature Screenplay expanding on my Award-Winning Short Film “Mimmo & Paulie”

Friends, family, loyalty.

A single day can change everything. 

A mob story… but not a story about the mob.


Paulie is being officially promoted after the recent passing of his superior, but suspects that his competency is being questioned and that plans may be in motion to replace him. Determined to prove himself, he leans on his crew, Mimmo, Fredo and Nardo, who have proven their loyalty since childhood. However, in the course of 24 hours, these relationships begin to suddenly fall apart. And though he is prepared to deal with the threat of his position, nothing could prepare him to deal with unfulfilled dreams and deep suppressed secrets of his ‘brothers’.

Tracy Clark, Managing Editor – Screenwriter Magazine

“A breakthrough short!  Domenic Silipo does a masterful job writing and directing a bold and provocative movie that will have audiences talking long after the end credits roll.”

The Desert Sun: Palm Springs International Short Film Festival

"Domenic Silipo masters the art of the understated... The dialogue is blow-you-away fantastic."

Michael Strzempka,

Our Town 50: The Sarasota Film Festival

"The film’s use of dialogue echoes that of the legendary Ingmar Bergman and American David Mamet.”

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