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Paulie at Odds

Friends. Family. Loyalty. A day can change everything.


(A feature length screenplay. Adapted from the short film Mimmo and Paulie.)


A mob story, but not a story about the mob. Paulie’s new promotion is being challenged. He leans on his crew to up their game, but these relationships he’s always counted on suddenly begin to unravel And though he is prepared to deal with the threat of his position, nothing could prepare him to deal with unfulfilled dreams and deep suppressed secrets of his ‘brothers’



Family, hopes, dreams, in a land of abundance.


(A Feature Length Screenplay - Drama)

A story of intertwining vignettes set against a small southern Italian village, circa 1950-60.

fam 1970 lg (3).jpg


The Immigrants

New country. New life. Old Values.


(A Feature Length Screenplay – Dramedy)

A coming-of-age story about a group of Italian cousins and friends growing up in Toronto in the 70's. With a mosaic of other immigrants



You don’t have to win to be a champion.
(An Episodic Series – Drama)
Journeymen are professional boxers who are expected to take a beating and build the winning records of the young prospects they face. But these men are more than just boxers. They are husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, and loyal friends. And though they are most often losers in the ring, they continue to strive to be champions in life.



Written in the Stars

30 years apart could not silence a love written in the stars.


(A Feature Length Screenplay – Romantic Drama)

A story of childhood sweethearts reunited after 30 years. With their love reignited, they unravel the many parallels of their life journeys and realize they often missed reconnecting by mere moments.


I Think I'm Elvis

Find your Elvis. Find your Truth.


(A 6 Part Mini-Series – Comedy-Drama)



17-year-old Sal Cantare is lost and alone in an emotionally detached and conflict-driven family. However, when he comes to believe that he is Elvis Presley reincarnated, he embraces all that he loved in his former life and unwittingly leads his dysfunctional family on a journey of healing.



Three for the Money

...Two more for the show. One came calling, now they all have to go.


(A feature length screenplay - dark comedy-mystery) 


Three strangers are lured to a seemingly abandoned home in promise of receiving a large sum of money. But when their mystery host fails to appear to meet them, suspicion amongst the strangers grows. As they try to unravel ‘who’ sent for them, and ‘why’ them, they come to suspect not only that they are in danger, but that they may be pawns in a game which will change their lives forever.

Tracy Clark, Managing Editor –

Screenwriter Magazine

“A breakthrough short!  Domenic Silipo does a masterful job writing and directing a bold and provocative movie that will have audiences talking long after the end credits roll.”

The Desert Sun: Palm Springs International Short Film Festival

"Domenic Silipo masters the art of the understated... The dialogue is blow-you-away fantastic."

Michael Strzempka,

Our Town 50: The Sarasota Film Festival

"The film’s use of dialogue echoes that of the legendary Ingmar Bergman and American David Mamet.”

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